Lindsay Freese Photography

Clever presentation of bottles filled with varying levels of colored water. Captured in a Sarasota, FL, USA museum. I do not refrain generally from shooting anything regardless of where it is. I respect requests either via signage or verbally to not photograph. Legally I believe that as long as I am standing on public ground, I can photograph private property. I could stand in a public street and photograph your house on your private property, and it would be legal. What do you think? Personally, if you ask me to not do that, I will honor that. I also do not sell photographs I might take of your house without a signed release to do so. I don’t sell much, and then it’s mostly to friends. Do I need to have a signed release if I give away a photo of your house? I say “yes.” What do you think? And finally, for this post… I’m new at blogging, but not with photography. I would like to keep this blog focused on photography, not politics, not religion (although I have some great images of places of worship in Spain. 🙂

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